Low Maintenance Landscaping
0. A complete drought tolerant backyard. Artificial turf, decorative rock, plants, trees, and modern concrete stepping stones.
Front yard Remodel by Refinecrete
1. Sod, concrete mow strip, palm trees, plants, decorative rock, stamped concrete slab, pony wall, outdoor courtyard.
Beautiful stained concrete patio
2. Stained concrete patio with multiple colors by Refinecrete in Orcutt.
Block retaining walls, pavers, irrigatio
3. Block, retaining walls, pavers, and irrigation by REFINECRETE in Nipomo.
Backyard stamp concrete patio
4. Beautiful custom stamped concrete patio.
Old Granite Slate Concrete Stamp Pattern by Refinecrete
5. Colored concrete with old granite slate stamp by REFINECRETE.
Concrete driveway with diamond cuts
6. Decorative concrete driveway with diamond saw cuts by Refinecrete.
Sandstone colored concrete antiqued with walnut and old granite slate stamp pattern
7. New home in Santa Maria. We hauled off existing dirt and replaced with sandstone colored concrete walkway and textured concrete patio.
Broom Finish Modern Poured Concrete by Refinecrete
8. Broom Finish Modern Poured Concrete by Refinecrete.
Simulated flagstone concrete patio
9. Simulated flagstone with multi-colored concrete patio by Refinecrete.
Stamp and stained patio by RCDS
10.Old Granite Slate stamp colored with aged bronze acid stain by Refinecrete.
Stained patio bench firepla
11. Stained concrete patio, bench and fireplace by Refinecrete.
Broom finish concrete patio tree ring and sidewalk
12. Natural grey concrete sidewalk in San Luis Obispo by Refinecrete.
Concrete Patio by Refinecrete (8)
13. Concrete Stain- dark brown brick boarder stamp with saw cuts by Refinecrete.
Stamped concrete pool deck
14. Stained concrete pool deck with Ashlar slate stamp by Refinecrete.
Concrete patio with a broom finish
15. Backyard Orcutt concrete patio and walkway project by Refinecrete.
New concrete patio by Refinecrete
16. Outdoor concrete stained Patio with multiple colors to give an antiqued look.
Pool deck and Patio by Refinecrete
17. Sprayed and texture knock down pool deck and patio.
Stained concrete patio by RCDS
18. Backyards entertainment ready for patio furniture. Stained concrete patio by Refinecrete.
Concrete broom finish walkway by Refinecrete
19. Fresh concrete walkway pour by Refinecrete.
Stamp Concrete by Refinecrete
20.Stained wood grain stamp by Refinecrete.
Concrete pad for basketball court by Refinecrete
21.Concrete pad for basketball court by Refinecrete.
Concrete fire pit by Refinecrete
22. Ashlar slate stained with brown antiqued with dark brown.
Deck waterproofing included resurfacing
23. Deck waterproofing included resurfacing with cementitious overlay finished with old granite slate stamp by REFINECRETE in Tepusquet.
Broom Finish Modern Poured Concrete Pavers by Refinecrete
24. Broom Finish Modern Poured Concrete Pavers by Refinecrete.
Concrete Patios by Refinecrete
25.Old English acid stain concrete with controlled joints.
Concrete courtyard w/ pony wall
26. Concrete stamp and stain courtyard with stacked stone half wall project in Orcutt, CA by Refinecrete.
Business logo in company entry way by Refinecrete
27. Engraved Santa Maria business logo etched in concrete entryway of a local business in Santa Maria by Refinecrete.
Concrete acid stain restroom flooring by Refinecrete_edited_edited
28. Stamp and stained concrete restroom floor at a local Santa Maria business.
Stamp Concrete by Refinecrete
29. Stained and textured concrete by Refinecrete.
Interior concrete stain floor
30. Interior concrete foundation- Grey and black acid concrete stain by Refinecrete.
Urethan tan seamless garage floor coatin
31.Custom flooring for a nice classic car!
Hanson and Refinecrete pour
32. Here we are getting ready to do a concrete overlay at a local Santa Maria business.
Concrete Patios by Refinecrete
33. Grand Sandstone stamp colored concrete with sandstone antiqued with cocoa brown.
Santa Maria Artificial Turf Project
34. Installed professional grade artificial turf at a Santa Maria residential property.
Interior flooring by Refinecrete
35. Every skaters dream bedroom floor! We resurfaced the floor with designs and multi-colored concrete stains.
Concrete Pool Deck
36. Pool Deck with colored concrete antiqued with autumn brown with old Granite Slate stamp pattern by Refinecrete.
Stamp Concrete by Refinecrete
37. Old Granite Slate stamp pattern with color with acanthus leaf ribbon by Refinecrete.
Gray Concrete Backyard Patio
38. Refinecrete poured a natural gray concrete patio.
Stamp Concrete by Refinecrete
39.Stained ashlar slate concrete stamp antiqued with Terra Cotta.
Stamp Concrete by Refinecrete
40.Tapped stimulated flagstone stained with Terra Cotta by Refinecrete.
Stamp Concrete by Refinecrete
41. Concrete stamp and stain in a wood pattern.
Stamp Concrete by Refinecrete
42. Stimulated flagstone stained golden amber by Refinecrete.
Stamp Concrete by Refinecrete
43. European fan stamp
colored mesa buff antiqued with mesa brown by Refinecrete.
Artificial Turf Project in Santa Maria V
44. Backyard artificial turf installation.
Concrete Fireplace
45. Hard troweled resurfaced concrete fireplace by Refinecrete.
Concrete broom finish patio
46. Natrual gray concrete color patio with controlled joints by Refinecrete.
Interior stained concrete
48. Old english acid stain with aged bronze color in circle by Refinecrete.
Concrete Stamp Pool deck
43. Random concrete stone stamp pool deck by Refinecrete.
Pool deck by Refinecrete
49. Concrete stamp and stain pool deck by Refinecrete.
Pools by Refinecrete
50. Coming soon.
Concrete Patios by Refinecrete
46. Coming soon.
Interior flooring by Refinecrete
47. Coming soon.
Simulated flagstone by Refinecrete
48. Coming soon.
Concrete Patios by Refinecrete
49. Coming soon.
Interior acid stain restroom by RCDS
50. Coming soon.
Pools by Refinecrete
52. Coming soon.
Stained bbq area by RCDS
53. Coming soon.
Concrete Patios by Refinecrete (6)
54. Coming soon.
Stamp Concrete by Refinecrete (23)
55. Coming soon.
Concrete Pool deck
56. New poured concrete pool deck topped coated with knocked down hand finish by Refinecrete.
Interior acid stain
57. Coming soon.
Pools by Refinecrete
58. Coming soon.
Stain and stamped concrete walkway
59. Coming soon.
Pool deck by RCDS
61. Coming soon.
Broom Finish Concrete Pation and Walkway by REFINECRETE
62. Coming soon.
Pools by Refinecrete
64. Concrete pool deck.
Synthetic Turf Installation
Professional grade artificial turf installation.
Concrete half moon driveway installation
Half moon concrete driveway in Orcutt by Refinecrete.
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